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  • Film Crew & Video Production People
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Authors & Bloggers

Rare-Autos would like to invite any new writers, authors and regular classic car bloggers to write for our news pages and forums.

We appreciate working with like minded storywriters and enthusiasts and are more than happy to share links and stories.

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Film Crew & Video Production People

Rare-Autos is setting up a series of road trip interviews. These will take place in as many countries and locations as possible and clearly we can’t be everywhere at once. The concept is fairly simple. Therefore we are looking for an adventurous group that is willing to help the cause of building the world's best classic car site (We love the idea of cross promoting a group of enthusiastic students or possibly small business (like us) that want to get coverage, kudos and recognition. Hell if you’re good enough you can even be a bunch of film hobbyists.) It is just essential that:

  1. You have some video experience and can provide us with a short demo or previous work
  2. Your crew includes someone to do the interviews that knows something about classic cars, mechanics and can ask the hard questions when needed. Of course the interviewer needs to have a personality and sense of humour.
  3. Your own equipment including sound and video. We also will provide you with some special stuff to make the interviews special and unique.

Remember we are a small business with a mission and a simple dream. To preserve an attitude and culture of quality and lifestyle.

We don’t have huge production budgets but we believe that classic car karma goes a long way. It is our intention that all videos and interviews will go on our site and YouTube channels where advertising profits will be shared with their creators. We will actively seek the sponsors and advertisers.

Anyone that contributes to helping Rare-Autos become a success, be it financially or simple help, will be branded a founding member. That means that any future perk will be offered to you first. That includes permanent featured and premium profiles and listing, moderator status and as much free and discounted shit we can ever offer you for the rest of eternity. This includes classic car events, prizes, discounts and everything else that will come our way.

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We are looking to launch the site with a classic car road trip going from Goodwood to Milan in 2015. The objective is to create as much publicity as possible at the classic car shows to draw as much attention as possible to the website. The more members that use the site the better for all of us.

The trip with be filmed as a TV series production as well.

Therefore there is a massive opportunity for Sponsors to showcase their advertising, brands and logos on the expedition which will cover thousands of kilometres on european roads between May and August in 2015.

So far the classic car convoy consists of the following vehicles which we will be proving logo spots on include:

  1. A 1966 VW microbus kombi
  2. A small caravan trailer
  3. A Porsche 356 A

Advertising spots on the cars and layouts are open for discussion. Ie branding on sides, rear or bonnet etc.

We can also discuss if other participants want to join the road trip with their own classic cars, even if for only certain sections of the trip.

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Website Developers, Graphic Design and Information Processing

Help us build the best internet platform for classic cars and rare collectable items. This is a big task.

We welcome applications from people with all levels of experience:

  • Front End Website Designers & Graphic Designers.
  • Back end Drupal Developers
  • Server Administrators
  • SEO and Social PR

Specifically we would like applications with the following skills and competencies:

  1. Project manager - ability to lead development and really direct the technical side of development.  This means the ability to spec, manage, and delegate the project stages.
  2. Developer with back end Drupal experience. Site is a Drupal 7 platform and module development & Custom php experience
  3. Server Administrator to manage and administer a hosting environment. Ideally with an understanding of apache solr, server, site performance strategies as well as experience with security and data protection
  4. People with experience administering the Social and SEO side of the project.

We are open to taking on board people with any level of experience (students also welcome)

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We need moderators specialised in particular makes of cars to take care of forum enquiries and also make sure no one is being an A-hole.

We need moderators that can also speak French, German, Italian or Spanish

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Open Applications

If you think you can help then drop us a message.

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