This is my much loved Polo. I have driven it every day for a year. Unfortunately I now need to part with it as I'm going to work abroad for a year and have nowhere to keep it . Two months ago I replaced the original 1.1 litre engine with a 1.3 litre which I took from another Polo I previously owned. This engine had done 85,000 miles, it's in good condition, does not smoke and uses no oil. The gearbox is a little noisy but I have a spare one also from the previous Polo which is fine. The bodywork is in good condition apart from slight damage over the wheel arch on the front O/S wing and some scratches on the passenger door (see photos). The rear door window is missing due to it being vandalised a few weeks ago. I still have the rubber surround and have located a secondhand glass on the internet for £50. The N/S track rod end should be replaced but I have a new one in a box as yet unfitted. The interior is a bit on the scruffy side but not damaged The interior light is not working and there is an intermittent fault on the fuel and temp gauges.The bodywork is clean and straight and rust free. With a little work and some TLC this little car could be restored to be an immaculate example of a much sought after classic.